Love is not Cancelled

27th March 2020

Postponing your wedding as a result of the Coronavirus 2020.

As the impact of COVID-19 takes its toll across the world, you will undoubtedly be feeling anxious about how this might affect your wedding.

All of us, including members of the TWG team, will know someone who has had to make the difficult decision to postpone or cancel their wedding, as a result of the Coronavirus. With this in mind, The Wedding Gallery’s team of expert stylists and planners have compiled a list of top tips, to reassure and guide you through every step of the postponement journey.

1. Pause and postpone, don’t cancel 

“When you’ve been looking forward to something for so long, it can be a tough comedown. But safety should be everyone’s number one priority. Given the climate we’re living in, vendors are ready and willing to adapt and work with clients to postpone plans.” 

– Event planner to the stars, Bronson Van Wyck

Venues, suppliers and planners will all be expecting and preparing for weddings to be postponed; during this unpredicented time it’s important to remain as positive and proactive as you can. The Wedding Gallery has launched an advice and support hotline for the weddings affected by COVID-19. To get in touch with the team contact us here.

2. Timing is key

“Everybody still wants the wedding to happen, everybody still wants to work with those lovely clients and nobody wants to be penalised due to the situation”

-London Wedding Planner, Penelope Cullen

Deciding on a new date? Postponing your wedding up to “2-3 months away could be the safest time frame”, says Head of Wedding Planning, Ella Hartig. Ella also suggests that “postponing to a later date in 2020 is the safest option, as in most cases (more often than not) costs may not be incurred when postponing within the same year. It is of course, paramount to check the contracts and terms of each individual supplier”. Ella continues to say that, “each individual case will differ, and so the best advice we can offer, is to refer to your specific contract to see what the timelines are”.

3. Get your Elle Woods on!

“Before you speak to your suppliers you should check the terms and conditions in the contracts which you have with each of them.  Do they contain cancellation fees?  Do these only apply if you cancel after a certain date?  Are the fees waived if you rearrange another date?”

-Rosie Walker, Partner and Head of Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Gilson Gray

Have a look through your contracts, read the small print, and communicate with your suppliers, venues and wedding planners to try to find a solution together. Then pour yourself a nice glass of wine for your hard days work.

4. Keep them in the loop

“There may not be ideal solutions which could result in switching to an off peak date later in the year”

-Hamish Shephard, Bridebook

Your wedding guests will no doubt have been getting excited about your special day, so once the decision has been made, let them know as soon as possible that the wedding will be postponed.

Ella adds that “when considering a new date, keep a note of any common dates where your suppliers and key family members/best friends are free”. There’s no need to jump the gun and confirm dates immediately, but start by getting an idea of when your nearest and dearest might be free, this will certainly help with peace of mind and the decision making process!

5. Remember that this is temporary and we are here for you

“Once a TWG bride, always a TWG bride. If there is anything, anything at all, that our team can do to help you during this time, please do not hesitate to get in touch”

– Monica Marriott-Mills, Marketing Manager – The Wedding Gallery

We sympathise with any bride or groom affected by the coronavirus – which is why we have launched a digital support and advice consultation service.

This service will operate on a complimentary basis, for all brides and grooms who may require advice, support and remote styling during this ever-unknown time.

If the wedding of you or anyone you know, has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and would benefit from speaking to an industry expert, please do not hesitate to contact