5 Of The Most Important Rules For A Modern Wedding Without Sacrificing Tradition

30th January 2019


Today we’re going to take you through the steps to perfecting a modern wedding with a few traditional twists. Trust us, not only are these tips genius, but they’re also super easy to follow.

1. Choose a traditional wedding venue and run free with florals

When you choose a venue with so much history and heritage, you can run free with florals. This helps to infuse a moody, unexpected, classic-with-a-twist vibe that is all you.

Think a National History Landmark or an old house, paired with a classic, yet modern style garden bouquet. It’s like a modern wedding fairytale that has yet to be written.

2. Go for muted tones with a pop of colour

If you’re planning a modern wedding with a twist you can choose a variety of flowers. We love the idea of garden rose spray roses for a traditional base, and muted toned hellebores in purple-ish and green layered upon the roses. You can refrain from too much colour in the petals, to allow the colours of the flower’s details to show through. Like when a peony has a yellow centre.

Finally, for a whimsical surprise, tuck in white flowers, plus a few pretty varieties like butterfly ranunculus. A trendy flower recipe doesn’t have to be expensive.

3. Balance the elegance of the venue with wild, untamed arrangements

In this way, you can respect the history of your venue, but create something rebellious too. If your venue is elegant and refined, to balance that you need some good old fashioned blooms.

In these venues, you can take risks with things like flowers and go wild and crazy, because the natural aesthetic of the place is already stately. It makes things warmer and more inviting when there is balance, a certain rawness of imperfection is needed. So when the rules are already in place, you can break them down and rewrite them. Choose your favourite flowers in muted tones and just go for it.

4. Opt for a classic colour palette that will never go out of style

As far as the colour palette for the linens, when you’re planning a modern wedding with traditional twists, you want to keep in classic as much as possible. Trends come and go, but keeping a classic colour palette is timeless. Think a rich navy blue using the rich texture of velvet.

You can also add other modern elements such as flatware dipped in white ceramic, leaving the stark white plate for that clean modern look. Gold cutlery would finish it off perfectly.

5. Add personal touches in unique ways

When you choose a location for a modern wedding, sometimes it can seem to have boundaries because 1000’s of people have had events there before you. But you can trespass those limits by adding personal touches. How about including your absolute favourite flowers in ways they’ve never been done before? It doesn’t matter whether they’re bought from the store or picked from the grounds yourself, and arranged by someone else or by you!


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By Holly Sutton

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5 Of The Most Important Rules For A Modern Wedding Without Sacrificing Tradition