15 Things Nobody Tells You When You’re Planning Your Perfect Wedding

24th January 2019


Are you just getting started with planning your perfect wedding? Or have you already got the ball rolling and are ticking things off your checklist? No matter where you are with your wedding planning, here are 15 things you may not have been told about yet…

1. A casual wedding is just as much work as a formal one

Casual might sound like your idea of a perfect wedding. But whatever your theme is, you still need to choose flowers, linens, decor, food and drink to suit. So here’s a top tip: accept early on that you have a lot to do. Then give yourself plenty of time to bring your plans together.

2. It will be all you talk about

You might think you’re keeping the wedding chatter to a minimum. But don’t be surprised when people start rolling their eyes and glazing over you as you bring out more photos of cake ideas and flowers.

Please don’t feel guilty. Your wedding is a huge event in your life and you’re completely justified in being so excited about it. But remember that your bridesmaids, mum, sisters, and everyone else has stuff going on in their own lives. Don’t load every last bit of your planning onto them. Spread your excitement around and remember to check in with their lives as well.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words

Classic, romantic, vintage – what images just sprung to mind? We guarantee that everyone reading this pictured something different, and your suppliers will be the same. Words have different meanings to everyone, which can lead to really confusing results.

Collect as many pictures as you can. Whatever you’re discussing with your vendors, make sure they get your ideas just right by taking pictures, mood boards and colour swatches to your meetings with them.

4. There will be tears…

A lot of pressure comes with planning a wedding. It can make even the most collected of us a little emotional and there will be times that you suddenly find yourself overwhelmed and sobbing. Maybe the shoes you wanted just don’t fit. Your mum and future mother-in-law could end up choosing the same colour dress. It might sound totally unreasonable, but these things could tip you over the edge.

Let it all out and stop beating yourself up. We all need a good cry every now and again, and it could be a sign that you need to take a little break from planning.

5. …and happy tears too!

Speaking of emotions, on your perfect wedding day, you’ll experience happy-crying like never before. It could be when you hear your first dance song on the radio as you’re tasting cake samples. Or maybe it’s when you see your mum in her outfit for the first time and she looks incredible. One thing’s for sure – it WILL happen.

Enjoy the process. When those happy emotions start bubbling up, it shows you just how perfect that thing is. Take it as a sign of reassurance that everything is as it should be.

6. You’ll have forgotten to budget for something

Even the best planners forget things now and then, or find themselves drawn in by something they’ve GOT to have.

So leave a little bit of room in your budget for any surprises or extras you discover along the way. This means you won’t have to panic if anything unexpected pops up.

7. Your fiancé may not care about the things you thought they would

Now, you may or may not be expecting a lot of input from your fiancé. If you are, don’t be surprised if they’re utterly disinterested in a lot of the things you’re obsessed with.

Ask your fiancé what gets them most excited about your wedding, and what they remember most from other weddings you’ve been to together. For instance, if their main interests are the music, the food, and the entertainment, get them to focus on those bits of your perfect wedding. Then you can plan the flowers, transport, and decor.

8. Your fiancé will also care about things you never dreamed they would

Equally, your fiancé might have really strong opinions on some things which had barely crossed your mind. Maybe they want to have a lot of input on what a centrepiece or wedding favour should look like. Or maybe they know they need a 3-tier cake and nothing else will do. Whatever their obsessions are, don’t be surprised if they pop out from nowhere!

Embrace it! If this kind of decision-making is out of character, let it grow and nurture it as you start the next chapter of your lives together. If they do get carried away with opinions, ideas, and decisions, divide up the main tasks so you both have decisions which you own and are empowered to make.

9. Everyone will have an opinion

Your mum, dad, friends, siblings, colleagues, random strangers working in wedding shops. They may all mean well. But you’ll be astonished at how many uninvited opinions you receive once people know you’re getting married.

If this is really causing you frustration, politely remind any uninvited opinion-givers that it’s your day and you’re doing it your way. Listen to your instincts and stick with your gut when making decisions and let everyone else do their own thing.

10. You will have a Bridezilla moment

It might only be a moment, but it happens to all of us. That little blip along the way where we cross over to the dark side and completely lose the plot. At that moment, carrying two doves down the aisle while a 12-piece band is playing mind sound like the best idea in the world and is exactly what you deserve…and everyone must know about it right now!

The only problem is that it’s difficult to diagnose your own bridezilla moment. So prep your sister, mum or maid of honour to step up when you start to lose it. They are the most trusted members of your bridal party, so they’re best-placed to tell you when you’re flying off the handle and need to be brought back down to earth with a bump.

11. The best way to cut your budget is to cut your guest list

Sure, you can save a bit of cash by not having a formal dinner or by making all your own decorations. But the biggest saving you can possibly make is by making cuts to your guest list. With fewer mouths to feed, you’ll save SO much money. It also means you have more time to catch up with the guests who did make the cut.

But we know how difficult it can be to trim down your list. So set some clear criteria for your guest list and be brutal. If someone’s a maybe, switch them to a no or just invite them to the evening reception.

12. Dance lessons are not essential

By all means, take some dance lessons if you really want to. But your guests won’t judge you if you just have a slow-swaying-on-the-spot first dance.

When you choose your song, pick something you both love and that gets you moving naturally. Don’t stress about what everyone else is thinking. They’re there to celebrate your love for each other, not how well you can twirl around a dancefloor.

13. Don’t worry if one trial is not enough

It’s very common to have a wedding hair and makeup trial. And you might be expecting to show up with a photo and be magically transformed on the first try. But sometimes, it doesn’t work out like that. In fact, that’s the whole point of having a trial – to get it right on the day!

We’d recommend planning your first trial a couple of months ahead of your big day. This gives you enough time to make some changes and have another go before your wedding comes around.

14. There can be too much cake

Food and cake tastings are among the best bits of wedding planning. But with so much to try, you can end up full to the brim and you may struggle to remember what tasted of what!

Schedule your tastings on different days so you can try everything fresh, enjoy every sample, and make an informed choice at the end.

15. Enjoy your fittings

Most brides only wear their wedding dress once – on their wedding day. So enjoy every opportunity you have to be in your dress.

Fittings are a great opportunity to try out aspects of hair, makeup and accessories, so take them along to each fitting. Don’t rush anything and make sure you don’t have anywhere else to run to immediately after your appointment. This means you can really enjoy what will probably be the best dress you ever wear.


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By Holly Sutton

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15 Things Nobody Tells You When You're Planning Your Perfect Wedding