12 Of The Best Tips For A Flawless Beach Island Wedding

29th January 2019


Well, not much, but there are a few details to remember when you’re planning an island wedding. Luckily for you, we’ve got some tips and we recommend you pin every single one for safe keeping!

A beautiful beach island wedding ceremony is one many couples dream of. But when you’re dealing with mother nature, there can always be the element of unpredictability. Keep these important tips in mind so you will be ready for any curveball that is thrown your way.

1. Timing is key

The optimal time for a beach ceremony is in the late afternoon, 90 minutes before sunset. This is called the magic hour by photographers because they are able to capture the best quality of light. Keep that in mind when planning your big day.

2. Give your guests a heads up

Be sure to inform guests in advance if the ceremony is going to take place directly on the beach and/or sand. This means they can plan appropriate footwear (or they might even decide to go barefoot!)

3. Keep guests comfy

You can ensure that guests feel comfortable at your island wedding by providing a few little extras, such as:

  • A basket of fans to stay cool
  • Flip flop sandals
  • A shoe-check
  • Towels

4. Stay hydrated

If you’re planning a wedding during the warmer months, make sure you have water on hand to stay hydrated! Add some citrus or cucumber for a bit of added flavour.

5. Think about seating

Planning to have a standing ceremony at your island wedding? Have a few chairs on hand for your elderly guests.

6. Offer Pashminas as favours

Pashmina wraps in shades of your wedding colours make a thoughtful favour for the ladies, especially when the sun goes down. The pashminas can be tied on the back of chairs or placed in a basket.

7. Battle the breeze

If the wind picks up, bobby pins are a great option to keep up-do’s and headpieces in place. You’ll be glad when your bridesmaids packed some in the emergency kit!

8. Sand ceremony

Instead of a candle lighting ceremony at your island wedding, why not opt for a sand ceremony instead? This will also create a lovely keepsake for your new home.

9. Order of service

If you plan to have the order of service booklets or wedding favours placed on the chairs, have another option in case it is too windy. River rocks make great paperweights or opt for fan programs in a basket.

10. Come rain or shine

The weather can be unpredictable, even for a beach island wedding. So always have a plan B and monitor the local weather report leading up to the big day. Invest in some umbrellas to keep on hand in case of a shower or use them as shade to stay cool!

11. Cocktail hour

Guests will be hungry and thirsty on arrival. A refreshing welcome drink such as lemonade is always a nice gesture.

12. Be sent-off in style

Take advantage of the outdoor location by incorporating a stylish send-off. You could have a butterfly or dove release, or even a sparklers or fireworks display for an explosive finale!


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By Holly Sutton

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12 Of The Best Tips For A Flawless Beach Island Wedding