10 Of The Best Tips For Creating The Perfect Wedding Soundtrack

30th July 2018


1. Ensure you are comfortable with the service on offer

First impressions mean the most so here are a few questions to ask when you’re picking the supplier for your wedding soundtrack:

Do they respond to your enquiry quickly and efficiently?
Have they worked at your venue before?
Do they regularly do weddings?
2. Book a one-stop shop

You want to make sure the supplier you choose for your wedding soundtrack gives you a seamless experience.

Is the same ensemble able to provide music for the whole day?  Will the group have an On-site Tour Manager to ensure everything runs perfectly and give you one point of contact? Can they provide their own Sound system/Tech Team? Will they provide background playlists between sets to ensure the event runs seamlessly? All these things are important to make sure you provide the best experience for your guests.

3. Do they look the part?

You want to make sure all of your front-facing suppliers look their best on your big day. Will they be well presented on the day? Can they provide outfits to match your chosen style/theming? Hopefully, they’ll have footage of previous weddings they’ve attended that you can take a look at.

4. What to have at your ceremony

There are many different aspects of your ceremony and you want a wedding soundtrack for all of them. Can they provide music for the Gathering, Processional, Recessional & Signing (if a traditional ceremony)? Are they experienced at performing during different styles of ceremonies (if appropriate)? Obviously, the type of music you have will depend on the kind of theme you want to go for.

5. Think about the drinks reception

Is the music uplifting as fitting for the mood after the ceremony? You want the theme of your wedding to flow through your entire day. Make sure you sit down with your supplier and talk through the kind of music you want.

6. Background music for dinner

The worst thing that can happen at a wedding is when guests are sitting down to eat their main meal and there’s no music. Can the band provide a live performance or a background playlist?  Will their music be background enough to still allow guests to talk? You don’t want to have to shout over the music!

7. Hitting the dancefloor

The party is usually the highlight of the day for your guests so you want to make sure you’ve got a great wedding soundtrack! Do they have a wide range of repertoire including current songs and any others suitable for your guests’ age range? Will the musicians interact with the guests e.g. using wireless microphones so they can move around the dance floor (if required)?

8. What about a DJ?

Some couples prefer to have a live band play at the party, others prefer a DJ. If you know you want a DJ, check with your supplier that there is a choice of DJ’s that offer different styles & genres to match your personality. Is the DJ experienced at keeping the party going and reading the room? Will they take requests on the night?

9. Check out their credentials

It’s always best to do your research before you book. Here are a few pointers:

Do they have independent reviews online?
Can they provide you with previous client testimonials?
Have they been recognised by any industry awards?
10. It’s your day – make it personal

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – your wedding day is all about YOU. You want your supplier to fit in with you and your vision. Are they flexible to your requests? Can they create bespoke pieces outside of their existing repertoire? Will they offer different ensemble sizes and choices of instruments? Your wedding soundtrack is such an important party of your day that needs to reflect you as a couple.

Don’t let the ‘DJ or live band?’ dilemma be the one thing worrying you during the wedding planning process. With an incredible variety of entertainment choices and our experts’ guidance, finding the right answer is inevitable. Book your appointment here to see Urban Soul Orchestra work their magic.

By Holly Sutton

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